Thousands of occupations are set to be cut by Consignia as part of a huge rebuilding program pointing to make strides profits, it was revealed today
The company, in the past known as the Post Office, is set to slice 11,000 employments tomorrow in a offer to cut costs what’s more, battle off competition, concurring to daily paper reports
Consignia executive Allan Leighton is anticipated to reveal the long-awaited rebuilding of the business tomorrow which he has as of now said could see 30,000 occupations lost
Consignia, which works Illustrious Mail, Distribute Compel what’s more, the post office network, is likely to offer intentional redundancies what’s more, Mr Leighton is too anticipated to report that the company’s name will change, the Sunday Times reported
The occupations hatchet will fall hardest on Distribute Force, which has been working at a misfortune for 10 years, agreeing to the Sunday Telegraph
Around half of its 12,000 workers will lose their occupations tomorrow with the result of a few stop closures, the daily paper reported
Jobs will too go in organization what’s more, focal administration of the Post Office while cuts are moreover anticipated at a afterward organize in Illustrious Mail
The Sunday Times revealed that the excess bundle is worth £400 million in total
Consignia has said it trusts to spare £1 2 billion from the cuts which it trusts will make it more focused as PostComm proposes to open up the business post showcase to competition
The postal guard dog plans to open up the showcase for mass mail from next month at a level which it says speaks to one third of Consignia’s showcase by value
A further third of the showcase would be opened up in the Spring of 2004 with the whole showcase open to rivalry by 2006
Consignia has contended that the recommendations will mean an end to the current all inclusive cost for to begin with what’s more, second class stamps